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10 Reasons I Can’t Write Right Now

  1. writers-blockThe closet at the end of my upstairs hallway is overflowing with shoes that don’t fit anybody in the house. ┬áIf I don’t purge and organize this closet right now, the world might implode.
  2. It has been four days since I baked chocolate chip cookies.
  3. It’s nice outside. I should go outside. I should probably take up gardening while I’m out there.
  4. The guinea pig cage is stinky. This chore belongs to my sons, but I can’t concentrate when the den smells like wet hay.
  5. I’m out of corn starch. There is not an immediate need for corn starch, but doesn’t that seem like one of those things you want readily available for emergencies?
  6. Gastronomic necessity requires I drive to Manchester for an apple cider doughnut.
  7. The baseboards haven’t been scrubbed in… Have I ever scrubbed my baseboards?
  8. If there were menus written out for the next couple weeks, I’d feel much more organized. Maybe I could come up with some kind of alphabetized system. A few crockpot meals wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
  9. I haven’t checked Facebook in, like, twenty minutes. Something monumental might have happened while I was procrastinating – I mean being a conscientious homemaker/writer of words.
  10. Preparation is the mother of success. I should
    • research
    • brainstorm
    • outline
    • read something
    • write some character sketches
    • make sure there’s plenty of paper in the printer
    • tidy the desk area
    • dust
    • take that weird can of compressed air to the keyboard
    • blog a list of things that might distract me from writing