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Side Trip To Poetry Land; Wanna Come?

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I found some old poems in an old notebook in an old corner of an old closet. Thought I’d take a little side trip and share one with you, because sometimes poetry is fun, and because the creative parts of my brain don’t feel functional enough today to write you anything new!



We waded in lazily, my friend and I,
and floated on pink, palm-tree boogie-boards
on the still, murky waters of a brackish inlet
in New Smyrna Beach, Florida,
dangling our legs beneath us,
showing our bronze backs and
speckled shoulders to the sun,
paddling slowly in circles to nowhere
as if we could make the days of summer —
hot and free and fading —
stay to float with us a little longer, when

suddenly, we felt a bump beneath us,
saw the manatees surfacing from
the secretive black below
like the hidden image of a Magic Eye
rising slowly into clarity,
and they were nuzzling their noses —
plump and hairy and curious —
into the air and against our boards and
our legs and our hands and our expectations,
opening their wide nostrils
to take in a quiet woosh of air,
rolling their fat, beautiful bodies
over and over like cement mixers
preparing the foundation of a home,
a city, a whole vast planet full
of skyscrapers and boats and oil drills,
and they exposed their soft gray bellies
as dogs do, as puppies do when
begging to be scratched, and I,

with one’s face in my alien hands,
pressed my lips to its nose,
and cried and laughed and cried,
weeping salty water into salty water,
aching and admiring these tender, naked giants
with half-healed propeller bites criss-crossing
on their rounded backs,
these creatures surrounding us,
welcoming us fearlessly,
trusting us with their
beady, bottomless eyes.



Author: Lissa Marie Niederer

I'm a 30-something wife, stay-at-home mom of 3, Christian novelist, and part time Development Director at a children's museum. I love God, my family, writing, being outdoors, books, baking, and getting crafty. This blog will probably be about all of those things! For information about my new book, The Sky We Walk Upon, please visit WestBow Press at: or like me on Facebook:

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